Friday, February 13, 2009

Breastfeeding Debate

Well, with the Salma Hayek video everywhere, this has been the debate lately. Some people seemed shocked that a woman would breastfeed someone else's child. If I would have been in her shoes, you bet money I would have done that same thing. Hell, I've even considered pumping and donating milk to milk banks for premies. I've always been an over producer, so why not share?

People seemed so shocked about breastfeeding in general. What in the world do that think babies ate before formula? Breastmilk! Humans are mammals. Mammary glands and all, right? I do understand some mother's can not breastfeed. Their glands just do not produce enough milk to sustain the baby's life. This is why there were wet nurses ages ago. Another woman breastfed the mom's baby. It wasn't some shocking news story back then. Man times have changed.

I do have to wonder if this news story is making such a hoopla in other countries. I know it is with the fact of Salma Hayek's advocacy work, but I wonder if other countries are all "OMG EWW" over it like some of the United States seems to be. Not to mention the folks talking bad about her still breastfeeding her 1 year old. Last time I checked, breastmilk doesn't turn to poison at the moment the child turns one. I'm proud to say that I'm still breastfeeding my 14 month old.

While on that topic, breastfeeding past one year is NOT for the mom. There are some days, that I'd love to just be by myself, but when my daughter comes over, signs milk, and happily bounces up and down, how can I deny her? She still gets nourishment from the breastmilk, not to mention the antibody properties. How long will we breastfeed? Who knows. It will probably happen like everything else has when it comes to Alison's breastfeeding. When she weans, we'll be done. She's already weaned some from how much she used to nurse, but she does still want to nurse some.

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