Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Forgotten Feeling

So Ryan's underway. I went into this underway expecting zero communication. I've really been missing him lately, especially with Ali's sleep issues. So today I see gmail show an email. I didn't recognize the name. Moused over it and saw it was from Ryan's boat. My heart skipped a beat. I got sooo excited!

One of Ryan's buddies let him email us, and I can email him back there. It made my day that he took time to email us. That he thought about letting us know how things were going.

I had forgotten the rush that comes with surprise communication. The happy tears. The thrill. The past five years on OPs the phone calls were there. It's so different to be surprised. I really hope I hear from Ryan again soon. I'm glad that he is doing well. I miss him so much.

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