Friday, July 1, 2011

Who I am #5: Oh Shiney!

Who I Am Series #5: Oh Shiney! on 365 Project

My husband likes to joke that I suffered from "Hyper Active Oh Shiney Disorder." Aka - I'm majorly easily distracted. This joke goes back YEARS to our early roleplay days, where my character would get distracted picking up every flower she saw. It earned me the nickname "Flower Girl." hehe. This picture was not planned to work for my love of flowers and my shiney side, but then I saw the new textures in picnik. The rest was history.

I totally adore flowers. It goes back to when I was little with my Great grandfather and my grandmother. Both LOVED their gardens. They also both tolerated me picking every flower in sight. I miss them both, but flowers definitely keep them in my hearts.

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