Monday, October 31, 2011

Catch all - Catch Up

So, I've been horrible about keeping this up lately.  I seem to do fine with my written journal, but this blog, not so much.  I need to find a focus I think.  Maybe put together some Theme days or something.  We'll see.  I know it'll probably be artsie or something dealing with my little one.  Or both.  Enough with that rambling, how about some catching up!

Little one and I are currently in Louisiana for a bit.  Husband is off playing hide and seek.  It's been a stressful, emotional, happy, fun, and all around roller coaster of a trip this time.  Discovered a few new shows to watch in the Fall TV line up, became a Gleek, and also attempting to finally finish La Femme Nikita and Battlestar Galactica.  On top of read atleast 10 books.  (Hey...I've done 4 books since we've been here.  This is an amazing thing from me.  I'll plead the fifth the amount of books the husband seems to have read...)

Found a few new songs that I love.  One of them is the Singing in the Rain / Umbrella mash up from Glee, as well as the Warblers version of Teenage Dream and Raise My Glass.  Also heard this song for the first time:

I really love the song, and the video is just so fun.  The style of the video is also something I've grown to love lately with the pictures I've taken.

1,000 Miles on 365 Project

Some classic, vintage, cross processing...ahh!

Speaking of pictures, I also managed to break my camera.  Nikon d3100's don't like falling of desks.  I've been without it over a month.  Thankfully Nikon could fix it.  To the total of about 260 dollars, but that's cheaper than a brand new camera.  I am too honest to lie and say it just broke.  I told them it fell.  Here are some fave pictures of mine from this trip before the camera went splat:

Seasons of Love on 365 Project

The Longer The Waiting, The Sweeter the Kiss on 365 Project

I Knew I Loved You on 365 Project

After the camera broke, I practiced editting some older shots and shots I just had not posted...a few examples...wheee!

Look Back : Standing Strong on 365 Project

It's Your Love on 365 Project

"There you are, Daddy" on 365 Project

*sigh*  We miss him.  She definitely deals with each trip differently.  One plus of her growing up is that we can atleast "talk" more now.  It's not just screaming at me because I'm not daddy.  We had many days like that before words came into play.  Speaking of her, she will be FOUR in December.  FOUR.  Gah.  Where has the time gone?  I love her completely though, and I feel so beyond blessed to have her.

So there you have the catch up.  I really hope to keep this better up to date, especially the rest of this trip.  I think I'm going to go watch so more old Vampire Diaries and zone out.  It's been a few of those nights lately where my brain won't shush for anything.  If you've made it through all this, here is your cookie and your flower.  *grin*  Did I mention I joined a semi-RP'ing guild in RIFT?  *giggle*  hehe   Until later.


  1. Good old online RPG. My Sailor and I actually "met" from doing online RP when we were teenagers.
    Nice job with the editing and thanks for the detail in how your daughter is coping. Now I know what I get to look forward to when we have kids! It's bad enough the dog doesn't understand that he's gone. He's not satisfied until I've gotten down on my knees and played with him like "dad" does.

  2. Which online RP game? =)

    Kids bring a new realm of dealing with the patrols. Each one has been different the older she's gotten.