Monday, May 24, 2010

Bubble Bubble, go to hell...

(Don't ask about the title. It's a giggle point from a story of my husband's. hehe. If you want the story, ask him.)

I miss my husband. It's setting in that he is somewhere in the ocean playing hide and go seek. (Or maybe filming a remake of Flipper and swimming with the dolphins...hrmmm) Or if you ask our daughter, her daddy is eating pizza, on a submarine, in the Ocean. Silly girl.

Ryan, aka the Husband Unit, has made music a huge part of my life. Many memories of him are tied to songs. I've also listened to music that I never dreamed I would of. Things from show tunes to The Red Army Choir. (Yes...he has a wide collection of music.) One of the first few conversations we had together, he ended up letting it be known that he had seen Moulin Rouge. After I got over the shock that a guy actually knew the movie existed more than the fact Nicole Kidman was in skimpy outfits, I was impressed. He knew the songs and sang. *insert swooning* Then came the band geek stories, and then the road trip with those stupid parody cds. LOL.

I figure since music sort of keeps me sane lately, I can post some videos of the songs I'm listening, too. Here are two songs by 3 Doors Down that I love. When I'm Gone is actually the ring tone for Ryan's call on my cell. I also totally love the homecoming footage in the video for When I'm Gone, especially the little girl in the sailor suit kissing her daddy.

This last song is for the National Guard. I still love it because it's very true for all military.

I miss Ryan. I need to stop looking at the calendar. Time is dragging. I'm thinking it's time to start a hobby or book or something. Maybe blog more. We'll see. Who knows if anyone actually reads this. LOL

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  1. I know what you mean abt. Ryan and his music. I probably have a few band geek stories that you might not have heard. I read and I feel for you. I would start a new hobby the time will fly and you won't even hardly notice.