Saturday, July 24, 2010

It's Over!

With a phone call I had this afternoon, this patrol is over. My husband is back on dry land. All is well as it can be. (It would be better if we were there, but we'll see him soon.) For all the "keeping it together" that I've done, I still got all teary eyed and rambling when I heard his voice. I haven't talked to him on the phone since May. As those that know Ryan, he isn't much of a phone person, so I'll be calling him back later. *giggle* I'm just happy he is home.

This patrol did show me what I can do this. After 5 (or 6, I lost count) years at NOTU, I got very used to Ryan being home or atleast in phone contact constantly. So, the thought of a patrol, scared me to death. I've shown myself that I can do this. I can keep everything together, keep the kid alive, and keep myself alive. Do sometimes I think I took the "easy" way out by going home? Sure. But it ways it was harder cause I didn't have some of my usual coping things.

Alison hasn't talked to him yet. I think she had an idea I was waiting for a call today. I mentioned it in passing last night. This morning she saw my cell by my bed and went "Daddy?" Little girl picks up on small things these days. Should be interesting to see if she'll talk to him on the phone tonight. It's always a hit or miss. Giggle point: Apparently Ryan really did eat a lot of pizza underway. I find that hilarious that she was so sure daddy was eating pizza.

Now the wait to see when we have leave, when he'll be here, and what the plan is. I can be patient (somewhat) for that though, because I can atleast talk to him now.

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