Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Best Laid Plans....

....are doomed for epic failure!

As you can tell, I haven't blogged since we left Louisiana for Phoenix. This is because two days into our stay here, my husband came down sick. What we first thought was the flu, turned out to be cellulitis that had turned septic. Cliff notes version: A bug bite (or who knows what) got infected, and then the infection went into his blood.

His case ended up baffling doctors. He has had two hospital stays, and finally seems to be on the road to recovery. As I write this, he is home now on IV antibiotics for another week. He'll have his check up on the 22nd to see what the doctors think of his wounds on his leg. Until the doctor's clear him, he is grounded from traveling back home.

For as CRAPPY timing as this is, it did happen in the best location. Being here in Phoenix, we had great hospitals, grandparents to watch Alison, and a great support system. It's been a frustrating vacation to say the least and a scary one. We are lucky Ryan didn't get sicker. It was pretty shocking to hear what "could" have happened. I'm beyond thankful that he is now healing up. I did tell him that I'm done with major sickies for about another decade or longer.

It's been a change of pace for me. I'm usually the quiet, behind the scenes planner of the relationship. With Ryan sick and in the hospital, I've had to be the extroverted decision maker. Talk about taking the introvert out of her comfort bubble. Ryan had the opposite - The extrovert "I DO IT" that had to rely on others for help. It's been a trying time, but we're making it through. It always seems that with our opposite personalities, we do fill in well for the other when needed. Granted, I am happy that I'm slowly been able to return to my little introverted bubble. *giggle*

And it has been henceforth decreed that we are not planning ANYMORE vacations outside of the final destination. The two times we've done it, they've been trashed by illness or injury.

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