Monday, July 26, 2010

The Little Moments

Talking with Ryan today and then listening to some music tonight, sparked this blog. When we were talking tonight, I was talking about how taking our daughter to an amusement park will surely ended up in an injury. Now, what does my just back from sea, still fresh in boat mode husband say:

"You are one to talk."

*sigh* lol God bless boat mode, it gets better!

"Hey! That wasn't my fault! I was sick, but I'll give you credit, I did walk into that one."

"Well, you actually fell into it."

(Backstory, I passed out in the middle of Disney, black eye, slight tear to my eye lid, gnarly scrap, ect.)

One thing I can always count out is that my husband will joke around. As he told me once after we first moved in together, if he wasn't joking with me he didn't like me. Well I guess after almost 7 years of jokes, he still likes having me a around. I can definitely already see the change the sea has had on him. He is back to himself. Ryan + long shore duty = Cranky Ryan. I hate the entire "being away from him" part of sea duty, but it's a little quirk about him that makes him him. He is a sailor.

It's amazing the little quirks that you get used to and miss. I never seem to miss the big things as much. I always miss the small details - How he says my name in the morning, the short jokes, the wise cracks, ect. And apparently I still have horrible timing to call him RIGHT as he sits down to eat. *grin* LOL

We have the road trip coming up, which should be interesting. We both have "quirks" about road tripping, and this will be our first road trip to Phoenix since Ali came along. I will say that this patrol brought me a new understand of things - including my husband's little quirks. Like some days, he just has to have a day to himself. He got a good chuckle when I asked for that for our anniversary and then a date night with him.

I can't believe that this September marks seven years. As some people have asked me, "Why haven't I killed him yet?" I just laugh. He is an acquired taste that if you just judge at first glance, he might come off harsh. Have we had rough patches? Sure. I think all couples do. But, like the point of this blog post, it's the little things that help get your through. I can always count on him to be calm and keep things grounded. (Lord knows I live in the clouds 95% of the time.) I feel so blessed to have him in my life. Wouldn't trade him for anything. Well, maybe a non-snoring model. *snicker* Nahhh. Too quiet!

Ryan laughed when he first heard this song, because something very similar happened to us like the cake talked about in the song. Not to mention, he laughs everytime I get all frustrated or upset over the little things that happen to go wrong.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

It's Over!

With a phone call I had this afternoon, this patrol is over. My husband is back on dry land. All is well as it can be. (It would be better if we were there, but we'll see him soon.) For all the "keeping it together" that I've done, I still got all teary eyed and rambling when I heard his voice. I haven't talked to him on the phone since May. As those that know Ryan, he isn't much of a phone person, so I'll be calling him back later. *giggle* I'm just happy he is home.

This patrol did show me what I can do this. After 5 (or 6, I lost count) years at NOTU, I got very used to Ryan being home or atleast in phone contact constantly. So, the thought of a patrol, scared me to death. I've shown myself that I can do this. I can keep everything together, keep the kid alive, and keep myself alive. Do sometimes I think I took the "easy" way out by going home? Sure. But it ways it was harder cause I didn't have some of my usual coping things.

Alison hasn't talked to him yet. I think she had an idea I was waiting for a call today. I mentioned it in passing last night. This morning she saw my cell by my bed and went "Daddy?" Little girl picks up on small things these days. Should be interesting to see if she'll talk to him on the phone tonight. It's always a hit or miss. Giggle point: Apparently Ryan really did eat a lot of pizza underway. I find that hilarious that she was so sure daddy was eating pizza.

Now the wait to see when we have leave, when he'll be here, and what the plan is. I can be patient (somewhat) for that though, because I can atleast talk to him now.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner

My Twilight love made it a must to read this book. Especially after seeing Eclipse, I just wondered more about Bree. This book was a very nice incite to the newborn side of the Twilight word, and the mystery that is entwined in it.

The book is written from first person, with Bree as the narrator. You have some familiar characters: The Cullens, Riley, Victoria, and the Werewolves (Though Bree doesn't know what they are). The book is a fairly quick read. It was about 93 pages in the digital version. The story moves fairly fast, and once it hooks you, it's hard to step away. This story does make me more curious to see if Stephanie Myer might release other stories from the vampire point of view. It's rather nice to see the Twilight word outside of Bella's brain.

Monday, July 19, 2010

New toy!

Well, I finally caved and spent the change jar fund. I had to add in a little extra from my money, but I have a new toy.

So far I love it. I've getting some free classics to have to read to Alison. For me, I'm only getting one book at a time. Then I'll buy another one. It's super easy to buy and download them, so not too worried. I also love how I can side load pdf files. It also has sudoku which I love. I know it will be nice to have with all of the traveling that sea duty will bring for us. No more lugging books around. I do hope some of my favorite series eventually make it to eBook versions.

I can see Ryan shaking his head already. LOL

Friday, July 16, 2010

10 things that my husband says that "worry" me

(Please note this posting is in full jest of my silly husband's submariner ways. An email from him today sparked this little list. Enjoy.)

These are in no real order.

1) "I'm back to my old pranking self."

2) *giggles for more than 15 seconds*

3) "So you see what happened was..."

4) "So I was thinking..."

5) "This is a short cut."

6) "This one time, at band camp..."

7) "I was bored on watch, and..."

8) "I did not hurt myself..much..."

9) "I've been deemed special at work again..."

10) "Missile Move."

Monday, July 5, 2010

Finding my strength

I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend. I had a fairly good one, but it wasn't perfect. Ryan is still underway. I always feel incomplete when he is gone. If one thing I've learned from this patrol, is that I can find the strength without him. I have to. It's hard to lean on a person playing hide and go seek in the ocean. I can't be a sobbing pile of goo and still take care of my daughter. And according to Ryan, he knows I can do this.

I can hear his "I told you so" as I type this. For those that know me, you know I'm a very introverted and feeling person. (For those that like specifics, I'm an INFJ.) Now, my husband has tweaked some of those, just due to his personality being strong than mine. It's been for the good. It's shown me that in hard times, like patrol nights where it just seems to be dragging and the toddler isn't listening, that I can do this. I can keep everything together.

Even with this strength I've found, it's still hard. I will also still be glad when my husband is home safe, and it won't be all on me. I hope he is doing okay out there, where ever he is.