Thursday, January 12, 2012

Find something that makes you happy

One of my friend's facebook status tonight was about finding a hobby or passion that you love and just doing it.  She went on to add about supporting those that you love that have found just such a hobby.  It sort of struck me.  I know I've been nervous about what the reaction to my photography would be.  I'm no where near even thinking of doing it as a "job."  However, it is definitely a hobby that I've fallen head over hills in love with it.  I love seeing the word hiding behind the camera.  It suits my personality to a T.  I can watch, observe, and document, all while staying in my bubble.

I know over this past year, I've found more of a style that I love.  I had friends mention it, but I did not really see the change until I looked back over the entire year.  I guess you can say my tastes matured?  I know over the next year I hope to keep learning more, especially the technical side.  Do I ever think I'll make it into a hobby that makes money?  Maybe, but not until I have a lot more practice under my belt.  Right now I love capturing my daughter's life, our world, sharing this hobby with her, and making pretty pictures.  I've also picked up some new friends from my photography on 365.  It's sort of like my gaming, a few more friends from around the world.  The perks of the online universe, ya know?

My latest photography love and and white portraits.

Daddy's Girl on 365 Project

Things I've Learned:  The Portrait Eyes on 365 Project

My Protector on 365 Project

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