Thursday, January 5, 2012

A New Year, and Hopefully more blogging

So outside of my goals I've set for my photography (learning my camera more, getting a new lens, and hopefully making the top 20 on 365), I also want to blog more.  Lately on 365, I've gotten comments that the writing in my captions is very well done.  I've always loved to write, and well, I really want to keep this blog up to date for once.  So we'll see, right?

The husband unit has been on leave, so we've been enjoying some down times.  It's been a trial and error process on getting new routines established for Ali with us being back home.  Things are mellowing out now it seems.  She's a lot like her daddy, change does not phase them much.  I'm the one that goes "OMG PANIC!" at change. 

I've started Year 2 already for 365.  I'm a month out from finishing my first year.  I'm proud of myself that I've stuck with it, even if I had a month of filler shots due to a broke camera.  I still stuck it out.  Ali and I started a project for her, but her want to do it seems to have died off in the excitement of Christmas, Daddy, and the trip back home.  I can't blame her.  That's a lot for a four year old to comprehend and take in! 

Here are a few of my shots recently:

Things I've Learned: Composition on 365 Project

 To a Bright New Year on 365 Project

Amazing Alison on 365 Project

Fall's Rainbow on 365 Project

I also started a facebook page to show my pictures on for folks not on 365.  Moody Rainbow Photography is the page!  It's just to show things as I learn.  It's been a fun 11 months learning so far, so I can't wait to see what the new year brings.

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