Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Artsie Farstie Mode: Activated

Today, my artsie fartsie side got a little boost. Talking with a friend, she asked me "Have you studied photography?" I'm like "Umm...high school." She goes on to tell me that's she's really enjoying seeing my 365 project.

*insert image of my artsie fartsie side doing a happy jig in my head*

Getting my new camera has done worlds for my soul. I'm not kidding. I need some kind of artsie outlet. As much as I'd love to scrapbook, lack of room prevents it. (Though, be damned, I'm going to find some way. I just might have to totally take over the kitchen. Time will tell.)

I also love hiding behind the camera. Ryan has always joked that I see the world differently. He calls it my "OH SHINEY!" disorder, meaning that I get easily distracted be quirky little things that catch my attention. I can just hear him now when he sees me take 15 minutes rearranging glittery heart stickers to get them JUST right. Or just snapping pictures of our daughter playing and hoping there is a really awesome shot.

I guess hiding behind the camera really lets me just watch. Be the quiet one in the background, observing the details of the world. Seeing something that might be overlooked by someone that didn't take that extra second. I find myself now thinking of different shots to try. I'm hoping by the end of patrol to atleast be practicing full time in manual.

Here are a few of the pictures I've taken lately:

Beautiful Imperfection



I'm definitely having fun. It's neat dreaming up different ideas. Like I have a bag of rose petals in the fridge that is just calling to be some type of picture.

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