Friday, February 18, 2011

The Master Cleaning List

I have a goal during this patrol to deep clean the apartment. This is my master list of cleaning goals. I figure I'll update it each week on Friday. I would love to complete go through this list before Ryan gets home. We'll see if it happens!

Master Cleaning List:

- Scrub floors
- Clean counters
- Clean off top of fridge
- Clean inside of microwave
- Clean inside of fridge
- Sort through boxes
- Empty water jug
- Mop floor

Alison’s bathroom:

- Clean mirror
- Clean skin
- Clean counter
- Clean tub
- Mop floor

Computer room:
- Pick up trash
- Organize toys
- Straighten up desks
- Vacuum
- Straighten up book shelves

Master Bedroom:
- Fold laundry on bed
- Wash/put away laundry beside bed
- Go through closet for old clothes
- Clean/organize closet
- Clean/organize drawers
- Wash bed clothes
- Clean off/dust headboard
- Vacuum
- Clean off bookshelf

Master Bathroom:

- Clean counter
- Clean sink
- Clean tub
- Mop floor
- Vacuum rugs
- Organize under sink

Alison’s Bedroom:
- Vacuum
- Organize toys
- Go through toys to purge
- Go through closet for old clothes

Living Room:
- Organize toys
- Clean top of entertainment center
- Dust/clean the tv
- Dust entertainment center shelves
- Vacuum
- Clean off couch
- Sweep foyer
- Go through front closet
- Go through hallway closet
- Go through linen closet
- Clean patio doors
- Get calendar up to date

Laundry area:
- Throw away old bottles
- Clean up lent stuff
- Wipe down dryer and washer

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