Friday, June 10, 2011


I got this link from a fellow poster on a parenting forum I frequent. I think I will try to do this here on the blog, and save the journaling challenge for my notebooks/journals. I might not do the list in order, but it'll be nice to have a bank of ideas to pull from! Not to mention it could touch on some interesting subjects/topics. We'll see how it goes.

Today I've been a rather crank-tastic mama. I blame the "Let's cry at the drop of a hat" three year old, whom I think is still catching up on sleep from her two week cold/cough stuff. Not to mention my creative juice for my 365 project seems to have been zapped, which is sort of being fueled by comments going down. Though apparently being cranky prompted two neat photos:

Those were done with a CD bottom side up, a LED light, and some water droplets on the second one. Both straight out of the camera, save a small crop on the first one. I guess my brain works odd ways when emotional. (Or I'm just like some super heros and my emotions fuel my "power" LOL)

Probably not much more writing for tonight unless I can't sleep. I'm still cranky, feeling like shiat, and rather emotional. Plans for tonight will probably include continuing to listen to 30STM, going to watch Game of Thrones, playing RIFT, or some of all of the above.

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