Sunday, June 12, 2011

Gone Rifting

So I was a bad girl, and I did not write yesterday. In my defense, I felt like crapola! So I did not do much outside sit in my computer chair and play RIFT. It's the new game I've been playing. I picked it up after a much needed break from Everquest 2. Go go drama! (Long story, but I did need a break. Glad I took it.)

RIFT has been a fun little game to play. Some what laid back. No guild drama. Rar! And it's also perfect from my ADD oh shiney disorder! The game will randomly spawn "rifts", which are tears into the game world from the planar worlds - Death, Life, Air, Earth, Water, Fire. Each zone tends to have their "elements".

I will say out of all the games I have played, RIFT has had the smoothest launch ever. Trion Worlds has had a few bumps along the road, though. The first major event, River of Souls, was not without it's hiccups at the end. Trion did take the heat, and has said they learned. On the 22nd of this month, patch 1.3 will bring the next big event, so we'll see.

It's nice to have a game where I don't need to race to max level to experience life in the game world. At the moment my "main" is 36. (Or 37, I can't remember.) So far that's just been soloing (with minimal duoing with the husband-unit). I still have not seen the inside of an instance. (Blame the kiddo on that lol, though with the LFG finder, I hope to fix that.) I've also only barely tried the PVP, but PVP is not really my thing. Give me a patrol, once all my crafters are maxed, and I'm bored - then I'll try PVP probably.

Overall, I'm really impressed with RIFT. From the betas, to the release, to the Collector's Edition release (OMG - best CE ever. Totally worth the cost. I love my blue glowy flash drive!), and to the events. And I know, shocker, the flower girl in me totally loves the life RIFTS best. Can you blame me?

A few other shots:

What a zone event can look like...All those purple things are bad guys.


Here are the rest of my screenshots. I will try to keep the album up to date. If you have any questions, let me know! I play on the Faeblight server - typically Defiant side at the moment.

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