Thursday, June 16, 2011

Photography adventure - 4 months in

So I still haven't braved manual. I have stuff to read up on, but for some reason I haven't braved it. Yes, I know. Man up and do it. I will say I've been venturing outside my comfort areas lately, so that's a start, right? I've also been playing with some creative edits and having fun. Maybe manual can be my adventure for while Ryan's home, so when I get frustrated he can re-focus me. hehe Even with sticking in my cameras pre-set modes, I've managed to do a lot of fun little things.

Well, let's start at Day 1 of my 365project for reference:

My Blue eyed girl on 365 Project

Go figure...I buy a spiffy new camera's gloomy and rainy for a week afterwards!

This was the first photo that seemed to get a load of attention. I was rather proud of it, and it definitely was nice to get feedback.

So Beautiful on 365 Project

This is the topped ranked photo of mine on my project. I definitely think the meaning I attached to it of leaving your mark on the people you meet helped it's popularity. I've also found a niche for using my camera to help portray a cause of acceptance.

Leave your mark... on 365 Project

I have an insane love for macro shots...

A is for Alison on 365 Project

One of my recent favs. Straight out of the camera. Loved how it came out.

V is for Violet colored flowers on 365 Project

And lately I've gone outside my box a bit. Still hugging the wall, but it's progress.

Rainbows and boredom on 365 Project

Flower Princess on 365 Project

Neon World on 365 Project

The two rainbow ones are straight out of the camera. The one of Alison is playing with some edits.

I'm still having fun. I do like finding new things to photograph, and I've learned that what I think looks cool won't always be what is popular, cool, or "right." It's definitely a project and adventure for "me." Sometimes I do still need to remind myself of that though.

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