Wednesday, June 30, 2010


For those that know me, I've had a thing for vampires for awhile. (Yes, even before Twilight.) It all started back when I was in middle school, and I watched Interview with the Vampire.

I fell in love with the storyline. I found out that it was based on the Anne Rice book, so I decided to check it out from the library. Apparently most normal middle schoolers don't read that type of book, so I needed my mom to check it out for me. I took the book to my seventh grade reading day and got told I couldn't read it without a note from my mom. My teacher thought I was looney, I think. hehe I eventually read Interview with the Vampire, Lestat and Queen of the Damned. I still need to read the remaining books in The Vampire Chronicles. Of the two movies made, I do have to say that I liked Stuart Townsend's Lestat best.

After the Anne Rice vampires, I found the Underworld series a few years later. It was a set of three movies that started in 2003. These movies also really introduced Werewolves to me and just how "interesting" they could be. I think of the three Underworld movies, I love the second one the best. I do also like the third one, as it gives more background into Lucian's life and how he rallied the werewolves.

My next big vampire like came with the television show - Moonlight. I really hate that they canceled it after online one season. Atleast they did manage to wrap things up by the finale.

And yes, I do like Twilight. Shoot me, if you must. I read the books before the movies. The books are superior to the movies, which is almost always how it is. I'm rather curious to go see Eclipse this weekend. I had hoped to re-read the books before hand, but my daughter has had other plans.

Who knows exactly why I've always had a love for Vampire stories and books? At this point my husband just shakes his head and giggles at my "Vampire stuff." I think a lot of it is the mystery and excitement. It's also something that is fantasy, with just enough ties to reality to make it very interesting. I've always been one to love stories that could transport you to somewhere different, yet keep you a little grounded with something familiar.

Want some neat facts for a closing to this rambling:

Sophie Myles, whom played vampire Erika in Underworld, plays the human, Beth, who falls in love with Mick, a vampire, in Moonlight.

Michael Sheen is well known for playing Lucian, the ruler of the Lycans (Werewolves) in Underworld. He switches teams in the Twilight: New Moon movie when he plays the vampire Aro, whom is the head of the Volturi.

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  1. Oh I LOVE vampires and yes, Twilight too. I'd have to say that Interview With A Vampire is my fav though.

    -redfishbluefish from cdn :)